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I am so pleased to announce that FatCat has decided to join me on the domain!  She is one of my favorite authors.  She has a gift for description and a grand sense of romance that we love to see for our dynamic duo.  So please help me welcome her here to the site by reading her wonderful stories and sending her LOTS of feedback!

Note:  See the bottom of the page for the Navigation Bar.

This woman has simply written too many stories now to just list them alphabetically.  I felt they needed to be broken up into categories. 

Therefore, I have created several new sections to this site;

  1. STAND ALONES: These are original stories which are complete and have no sequels or follow ups, rated up to PG-13
  2. STAND ALONES - ADULTS ONLY: These are single stories rated R or NC-17.
  3. SEQUELS & SERIES:  These are stories which currently have a sequel, and may have more stories to follow.  There are at least two stories in each of these sets.
  4. COLLABORATIONS:  These are stories which have been written in collaboration with another author.  In this case, for now, just me!  However, FatCat and I plan on doing more together and she may collaborate with other authors in the future, so I have set that story aside. 


DISCLAIMER: All characters used in the fanfiction from the show, The X-Files are the property of Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions and Fox Broadcasting.  No copyright infringement intended.  No money made here!

WARNING: Some stories on this site are rated NC-17.  Ratings are listed above the dustjackets.  Please check the ratings carefully, and if you are under 17, do not read the ones rated NC-17.  Neither myself nor the author wish to corrupt any minors!

This site launched September 10, 2002.