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Ladies and gentlemen, there is a Fox in the hen house!  I'd like to welcome Foxprose, a new author to the site.  She's an MSR shipper and has written her first stories which are big hits!  Please help me welcome her to the site; first by reading her stories; and second, by sending her feedback so she will write more, more, more!  Welcome, Foxprose.

WARNING:  All stories are rated NC-17 for graphic descriptions of sex and/or violence.  Neither the author nor myself wish to corrupt any minors, so if you are under 17, go away!  There are plenty of G through R rated stories out there.

Archivist's Note: Almost nothing remained of Foxprose's site. :( Of all Donnilee's graphics, only the banner image survived. I've combined everything onto a single page since there aren't pretty pictures and I don't think we needed a 'Coming Soon' page. If anyone can get their hands on the original images, feel free to send them my way and I'll try a bit harder to put it back how it was. :) -xf-redux xxx


Diamond Life

The Enemy of my Enemy

Instructions Included

Just Add Yeast

Performance Anxiety

Herding Cats

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