About this site restoration.

This is an (as yet) unauthorised resurrection of Donnilee's website. Whilst I don't have current contact details for Donnilee, insight I've garnered during this restoration leaves me in no doubt that she would approve. Consent has been obtained from authors hosted here whom I have been able to contact.

This restoration is based mostly on the 2004 version of, as it was the most complete version available. Although Donnilee had her own domain after that ( it was only online for a short time and little was saved to the wayback machine.

I've removed more personal parts of the site, and kept it to just the fic. This is a standard thing I do when I don't have the approval of an author to put their personal stuff back on the web for all to find. There are some extra parts not in the 2004 version that I may add later if I can gather enough together to make it worthwhile (eg the Sounds page). You're free to visit the above URLs on the Wayback Machine if you'd like to explore more. (Make sure your volume is down though!!!! - I've also removed the embedded sound files that you'll find on the original site, which I'm looking at adding back via the sounds page - just not embedded!)

If you've seen other sites hosted at or you'll notice that I usually just do simple "as is" resurrections where I just chase up missing files, and sometimes replace missing images. Non-working elements such as message-boards, guestbooks, and counters are ditched. Basically, I want to keep the original site design where I can, particularly if I'm not able to contact the author/original archivist.

Sometimes, however, I do have to make some design decisions based on today's technology. Donnilee's site was built entirely on tables for the layout, which is not at all mobile-friendly - that wasn't a consideration at the time. Having discovered how many people use their mobiles for everything now, I felt it was important to make it responsive. Then when I uploaded the mobile design I made the discovery that the original fuchsia coloured text, which looked fine on my computer, was absolutely horrific when I looked at it on my phone, so I had to make some compromises. The background images in the navigation bars were darkened so text could be seen better, and the bright text was only retained in headers while general text was made white. Banners which would have been OK on a 800x600 resolution screen (or less) were totally unreadable on phones, so smaller screens will see different banners than those on computers. I tried to reproduce the style of the originals but with much more prominent text.

While I prefer not to have dark backgrounds purely for readability, that would have been too much of a change for what I consider to be an iconic site. However, I did take away the black background in the OTC part because I didn't feel that it was quite as iconic as Donnilee's, and the existing background easily adapted to white. I wanted to make it more about the accessibility. I removed mostly out of date email addresses and webpages from story links and replaced cat-lines with cat-bulletss, which unfortunately don't show on phones :(, and hoped that the original designers would approve.

Restoration included finding the original background sets Donnilee used because some were missing parts. I found them and found heaps more, which I'd love to play with. I'm very nostalgic for the old geocities vibe - I even turned an alternate domain name into a tribute page using bits pilfered from old x-files fan sites based on my own 1990s geocities site. ( Apart from my own geocities site, the only other web experience I had was a vbulletin chat board I helped run in the mid 00s, and a couple of wordpage sites from around 2010, so it's been a massive learning curve over the past couple of years trying to wrangle responsive coding. There's no way my aging brain can remember all the new css stuff so there's a lot of copy/pasting and cheat sheets involved.  Anyone in the future trying to restore anything I've done will be horrified by my stylesheets. I'm horrified by my stylesheets - they're not pretty. Anyway I've gone off topic a little...

I won't bore you any more right now, but there are more restoration notes at OTC Recs which aren't as rambling, and are more specific to archive restorations and author privacy vs individual author page restorations.

I'd like to thank the following people/sites for their contributions:

-- Idontwannawrestle / xhumor (June 13 -July 13, 2020)