The Orange Tabby Cat is a definitive voice in the X-Files X-Philes community. Her vast knowledge of fanfic and categories are well-known. She has read literally thousands of fanfics! And she knows her stuff, the good stuff, the bad stuff and all the stuff in between.

The Orange Tabby Cat will be picking a category and filling in the blanks with her favorite fanfics from that category. She will also be awarding the "Orange Tabby Cat Stamp of Approval" to her very favorite fics. Stay tuned for more updates!This will be an ongoing project. Please help me welcome Orange Tabby Cat to Donnilee's X-Files Fanfic site. We are so glad to have her camp here!

See the re-archivist's notes below

OTC and I were lucky enough to be able to hook up in New York City and spend the day together.  Below is a very poor picture of me and a fabulous pic of her!  Why didn't I leave my hair down?  I don't know!  This pic is taken in Central Park in New York City.

Orange Tabby Cat resides in Germany.  I, of course, am here in the United States, so it was great thrill to get to meet her.  Cruise around and have fun.


A note from your re-archivist:

I have made some changes to the navigation and color scheme to make the site easier to use and read. I mean no offense to the original designers, but if they saw what it looked like on a mobile screen they'd change it too!

I've attempted to find and replace all listed stories. In my efforts to do so I may have inadvertantly included stories that authors previously requested to have removed. If so please contact me.

There were almost 240 missing stories. I've sometimes linked to stories that were already uploaded to my ebook library:, which provides complete stories/series in various formats. Those pages will take longer to load so I've prefaced those links with a symbol: . I have linked some missing stories to AO3 versions which may also take some time to load. Where I've replaced a story, I've usually added prequels/sequels to a file to save you searching. I've run out of energy to be able to add those to existing files, but I've added links for some.

This really is all about the wonderful authors who have shared their stories with us. You may notice some author names have been obfuscated for privacy reasons. It's not my intention to take the credit away from these authors, it's purely to stop their fanfic coming up when you google just their (usually uncommon) name. Unless an author has requested their name be changed, the author's original details will still show on the text stories themselves, which I've hidden from search engines.

I also removed email and website addresses from the webpages because they were all 15 years out of date. If you want to see what they were, you can check via the wayback machine.

This restoration is done out of love and respect. It's taken a month of my life to complete Donnilee's site, and I get nothing out of it except RSI, a messy house, and lots of warm fuzzies. Please don't sue me.

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