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Please help me welcome a new author to the domain!  X-Phan is a young man that's been writing for some time, but never had a home.  I'm glad to have him here with us!  X-Phan is the prince of the irreverent.  If you haven't checked out these fics, then you are missing out. So go read!  And be sure to send feedback to keep the muse awake!

WARNING:  This site contains NC-17 rated stories.  If you are under 17, please restrict your reading to the PG through R rated stories.  Thank you.

DISCLAIMER:  All characters from the show "The X-Files" are the property of Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions and Fox Broadcasting.  They are used here without permission for entertainment purposes only. 

Archivist's Note: Sadly none of Donnilee's original images survived. If you happen to have any copies, I'd love to reinstate them.

X-Phan's site launched November 08, 2003.
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