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Please help me welcome XPhilernj's X-Files Fanfic to the domain! 

XPHILERNJ is an author that has been around the community for a long time.  We met through a mutual friend and she then joined us on the Saturday Night Chat that I host.  Nina has a great collection of fics and I'm very excited and proud to have her join us here in our little corner of the world.  Please welcome Nina by reading all her fics and sending tons of feedback!

We are privileged to have XPhilernj still participating in the X-Files fan fiction community in 2020. I've added a link in the navigation above to her new stories on You can also track down some of her stories on under the pseudonyms of shadowfoxsmate & starxphiler54.


WARNING:  Some fics on this site are Rated NC-17.  Neither the author nor the webmistress wish to corrupt any minors!  Therefore, if you are under 17, please check the ratings carefully.  We ask that you be responsible and read accordingly.  Thank you.

DISCLAIMER:  All characters used from the show, The X-Files, are the property of their creator, Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions and Fox Broadcasting.  No copyright infringement is intended.  All fics are solely for entertainment purposes only and there is no money made here!

THANK YOU: Much appreciation goes to xphilernj for providing copies of the missing images and stories for the restoration of her site (on top of the appreciation for writing the stories to begin with).

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