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These pages are for stories that I have written with other authors.  Each author has their own page and you find the story(ies) I have written with that particular person on that page.  See the NAV bar on the right.  Hope you enjoy!

In my time in the philedom, I've met some really awesome people.  Among them are some of the finest authors I've ever had the privilege to meet and greet!  Some of them have graciously agreed to collaborate on fanfics with me.  We've had a great time fueling each other's devious minds.  We hope you enjoy our combined efforts as much as we enjoyed writing them!  Without you, the readers, we would be nowhere, and not have met all these wonderful friends.  So thank you for sticking by us and continuing to read our musings, even though the show is no longer airing.  Thanks for reading! -- Donnilee

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