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This section is for all the STAND ALONE stories that I have written and for which I plan no sequels.  I have broken it up into four sections in order to facilitate faster page loading.  Enjoy!

This section does not include any Alphabet stories. They have their own section: ALPHABET STORIES


Also, as with the other sections, I have added text links to the stories underneath the dustjackets so that people who have trouble loading the graphics on small or slow computers can tell which story is there!  There is also an A to Z listing of all stories, without images, in STORIES BY TITLE on the left.

I have no wish to corrupt any minors.  Therefore, if you are under 17, go elsewhere and do not read these fics.  Abigail, FatCat, Foxprose, OkayVal, Soleil Compeau, X-Phan, and Xphilernj, all have stories rated G-R which are appropriate for those under 17.  Their sites can be found on this domain; links are available in the NAV bar to the right.  Thank you.

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